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British Spider identification Facebook group dedicated to identifying British spiders. Jenni Cox Yes Online View Edit
British Spiders, Vols I - III The first 2 volumes of Locket & Millidge's work were completed in 1951 and 53, and remain classic texts on the Locket, Millidge & Merrett No PDF, Publication View Edit
British water plants This AIDGAP field guide to British water plants is a comprehensive guide to the identification of living specimens in th Haslam, Sinker & Wolseley No Publication View Edit
BSBI Flora Search Online multi-access key for the identification of British flora. Quentin Groom Yes Online View Edit
BSBI Handbook No 1 Sedges of the British Isles The 3rd edition of this handbook has been considerably expanded in size, with the scope of the book widened by the addit Jermy, AC. Simpson, DA. Foley, MJY. Porter, MS No Publication View Edit
BSBI Handbook No 10 Sea Beans and Nickar Nuts A handbook of exotic seeds and fruits stranded on beaches in north-western Europe.154pp, drawings by W WALSH, A Hathway E Charles Nelson No Publication View Edit
BSBI Handbook No 11 Water Starworts: Callitriche of Europe Provides guidance on the identification of all species, subspecies and varieties of water-starwort that have been reliab Lansdown, R. V. No Publication View Edit
BSBI Handbook No 12 Fumitories of Britain and Ireland 
 Fumitories are a fascinating group of plants. Rosaline J. Murphy No Publication View Edit
BSBI Handbook No 13 Grasses of the British Isles It is now over 50 years since the grasses of the British Isles were last treated to a book of their own, Hubbard's Tom Cope & Alan Gray No Publication View Edit
BSBI Handbook No 14 Whitebeams, Rowans and Service Trees of Britain and Ireland This book contains an account of 52 native or naturalised Sorbus taxa in Britain and Ireland (44 species and 8 hybrids). Rich, Houston, Robertson and Proctor No Publication View Edit