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Title Description Author(s) Free Availability
A guide to common fossils This laminated fold-out chart includes illustrations of 71 fossils, explains how fossils are formed and their geological Pellant & Pellant No Publication View Edit
A guide to hedgerows Produced in partnership with OMSCo (The Organic Milk Co-operative), this fold-out chart provides an identification guide Crane & Roberts No Publication View Edit
A guide to Life on Sandy Shores between Colwyn Bay and Fleetwood A resource to help identify and record shore life available as part of the Liverpool Bay Marine Recording Partnership an Ian Wallace Kathryn Turner Yes PDF View Edit
A guide to plant galls in Britain Oak apples... robin's pin cushions on dog roses... red pimples on sycamore leaves... Redfern & Shirley No Publication View Edit
A Guide to Shropshire Orthoptera and Dermaptera Excluding escapes and naturalised aliens (eg Egyptian grasshopper, house cricket) thirteen species of Orthoptera (grassh David Williams Yes Online, PDF View Edit
A Guide To The British Coastal Mysidacea THE Mysidacea (or “Mysids”) are small, free-swimming Crustaceans, commonly known as Opossum Shrimps. P. MAKINGS Yes Online, PDF View Edit
A guide to the identification of deciduous broad-leaved trees and shrubs in winter This fully illustrated AIDGAP field guide is designed to enable non-specialists to identify many of the deciduous trees May & Panter No Publication View Edit
A guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians found in the UK Webpage designed to help identify a lizard, snake, toad, frog or newt seen in the UK, RAUK Yes Online View Edit
A Guide to their Structure, Identification, Uses and Distribution in the British Isles The classic text on British Grass identification. 476pp, numerous line illustrations. Hubbard, C. E. No Publication View Edit
A key to common lichens on trees in England This key to common species of lichens on trees was prepared in collaboration between two partners of the European proje Pier Luigi Nimis, Pat Wolseley & Stefano Martellos Yes PDF View Edit